6 Reasons Why Smart Women Rent Clothes Online

July 6, 2017
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With more grandiose marriage celebrations, formal parties and elegant garden soirées it’s hard to keep up with the wardrobe requirements of our city’s social calendar. So how can we glamorously attend all of them without breaking the bank? We came up with 6 reasons that will make you prefer renting!



1. Spend within your budget


Not wanting to spend a great deal of your budget is totally acceptable. People are now renting cars and riding Ubers as an alternative to owning a car. So why not also rent an absolutely stunning designer dress whilst still managing to spend within your budget and even save up for your holiday getaway. It’s a win-win sort of thing.


2. Save time


We are all guilty of wasting time! Why squander valuable time visiting the mall and whooshing from store to store attempting to find that one dress, when sometimes you even wind up leaving the mall empty handed. This is why we are here to serve your needs! With just one click you could have your chosen designer dress delivered to your doorstep – piece of cake.


3. Save closet space


Ladies, it’s time to confess that we have all struggled dealing with tiny closets at some point in time! Well, not necessarily tiny, but it sure feels like it. But hold your horses, we’re not doomed yet girls, try renting out clothes! It will definitely save you valuable closet space. We’re quite positive that if Carrie Bradshaw knew about our renting concept she would have definitely appreciated a neater closet.


At Designer-24, our mission is to make sure every lady gets the look she deserves, wearing Designer dresses and accessories, from the comfort of her home AND without breaking the bank.


4. Full closet yet nothing to wear?

D24_Full Closet

It’s a pitiful feeling when you gaze at your full closet but struggling to find something to wear. Most of the dresses are outdated or no longer fit. Also, we surely can’t crush a dress’s uniqueness by wearing it more than once. Answer? This is an easy one, D24 to the rescue once again! Start your search and RENT whichever designer looks you desire.


5. It’s not just an ordinary dress


Do you ever wish you could buy several designer dresses without feeling mortified that you have spent your months worth allowance? One of these chic but overly priced items hanging on the racks that could someday make you stand out. Thinking ‘so close yet so far away’. But don’t you worry young ladies, lucky for you, we have come up with a dream-come-true solution. Simply rent away your flawless runway designer dress for significantly less but with the high-quality look and material of a … Glamorous dress!


6. Selfies 


Believe it or not, every person has taken a selfie or at least participated in one, leading to an immediate upload on social media. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, people have already seen the dress, which encouraged women to adopt the ‘wear it once’ approach. Solution? Easy… Rent, rent, rent! Voila, wear it once and return.

Still not convinced? Our online wardrobe features more than 2000 designer dresses, have a peek and treat yourself with something special from our stunning collection at

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