One Thing In Common In All Lebanese Weddings This Season

July 14, 2017
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Can you feel the aura of wedding season in the air? The invites, the tickets, the plus ones are sorted but what about your dress? As instapressure (yes we call it that and no we won’t stop!) builds, how can you be crowned the ‘Instagram Star of the Wedding Season?’ without breaking the bank? RENT. That’s how.


Weddings are no longer just about the bride


While the bride may be complimented by everyone throughout the evening, every woman knows that later she will get her show stopping moment….on Instagram! As the heart palpations grow with each second that the photo goes unliked, you start thinking ‘Have I already worn this dress before?’ ‘Did I already post a selfie in it?’. This is where we come in. With a selection of thousands of designer gowns, there is no risk that you will repeat. And we’ll guarantee you a glam yet affordable look too.

Check our fresh wedding guest collectionsummer collection, or our entire wardrobe.


EVERYONE is renting designer gowns!

Option 3

Just remember impressions can be deceptive. The new generation prefers to be smart with their money. When you have the option to RENT a designer dress then why would you buy? Rent it. Snap it. Return it. And repeat on loop for all weddings.


At Designer-24, our mission is to make sure every lady gets the look she deserves, wearing Designer dresses and accessories, from the comfort of her home AND without breaking the bank.


No more endless trips to the mall or nail biting wait for the online purchases to arrive


This ends now! Who needs another stressful trip to the mall where hours spent result in a meltdown when you just can’t find the dress. Or worse counting down the days to the wedding and realizing that your online purchase will not arrive in time. Order your D24+, try on 3 styles in the comfort of your home and rent the dress(es) you like or none at all. All for free and no guilt. We handle the delivery (and laundry), so no muss no fuss!


Some of D24 top picks for this season

Aden Sequined Mermaid Cut Gown

Aden Sequined Mermaid Cut Gown

Nicolas Jebran Sequined Gown

Nicolas Jebran Sequined Gown


Elie Saab Embellished Gown

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