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The Travelling Turbanista: An Interview with Sisi Bolatini

June 1, 2019
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So we got the chance at a little heart to heart with one of the most beautiful souls out there @TheTravellingTurnbanista! She let us in on why she chose the modest style, how it represents her, and her tips and tricks on putting together a stylish and comfy outfit during Ramadan!

For those of you who don’t know her, Sisi Bolatini, aka The Travelling Turbanista, is a Moroccan Dutch influencer who uses her lifestyle and her career as a flight attendant to inspire her female followers to travel more.

She uses social media as a platform to make a statement; Coming from a conservative background should not stop women from travelling on their own and discovering the world.

Her travelling experiences allowed her to discover fashion around the world and helped her develop a unique sense of style while remaining faithful to her conservative roots.

Without further ado here’s how it went!

Why did you name yourself “The Travelling Turbanista”?

My Turban is my everything! So many people love to label it and create assumptions around why I wear it and how I wear it: It is my identity. It is so much more than a piece of clothing, it stands for freedom, power, and ambition.

Dressing modestly needs to come from within and not because it is expected of you. That’s the core belief behind the way I dress, I have been loving it for 27 years and growing strong with it by the day!

What made you choose a Turban?

My turban took me places, it made me the woman I am today. Wearing a Turban as part of a modest style, is what is giving a lot of women and girls in my generation the freedom and inspiration to do more, travel more, and get the most of their lives. I come from a conservative background and in a way my Turban empowers me.

How do you feel social media reacts towards modest styles?

They absolutely love it! I have the most beautiful women following me from all over the world having different backgrounds, cultures, and religions.

It goes without saying that in this day and age the conservative cultural aspects are still heavily present in the lives of a lot of women and girls all over the world. I like to think of “The Travelling Turbanista” as a source of inspiration and empowerment for all these women, for my sisters, my cousins, my neighbours and the women out there who have big dreams and are still fighting for them to come true.

My followers are very interested in my take on modest wear, they keep on asking for new looks all the time! And nothing makes me happier than when they tag me in looks inspired by my style!

How do you keep your style and wardrobe fresh? Is renting an option for you?

As an influencer, I am expected to serve my followers new looks and new inspiration on a daily basis! Buying all of these clothes would be almost impossible and quite a waste honestly! I find it beautiful that rental services give us a  chance to rent clothes and sometimes very expensive items that are too extravagant for daily wear. I do still buy a lot of clothes, mostly basics though!

What are Sisi’s tricks for a chic comfortable outfit during Ramadan?

During the day, I like to keep it comfy; I wear a pair of leggings with a Abaya or a dress on top!

For my night looks, I love to style a Aabaya with heels, and a nice little belt would totally make you look fabulous during the Iftar events! Making the Aabayas a bit shorter by adding a pair of heels is also a good trick to make them look like a cute dress, very classy & elegant at the same time!

Any favourites from our collection?

 Here are some of my all-time favourite pieces from Designer-24!

Thank you Sisi for the interview, and we wish you luck in your future travels. Feeling inspired by Sisi? Looking for something modest to wear? Check out our modest collection for both Lebanon and the UAE, and view Jordan’s full dress collection here.

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