Your Survival Guide to Lebanese Weddings

July 19, 2018
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We all know how demanding Lebanese weddings can get, and not only for the bride. If you are in that age where you’re slowly entering the world of weddings or are still unaware of its unspoken rules, here are a few tips that can help.

1. If You Love It, Let It Go

One of the more obvious ones is that wearing the same dress multiple times is just a hard no. When you think you might get away with it, there is that one Instagram picture of you wearing the green Elie Saab that you wore the weekend before.

Still love that dress? Well, you don’t really have to let it go. Designer-24’s online platform allows you to rent out your designer pieces to an ever-growing community in UAE and Lebanon, while still owning it! You will eventually get back what you’ve invested, if not more… double bonus.

2. Wear a Dress To Impress

Weddings are filled with happiness, love and a lot of pretending to remember that one family member you have not seen in ages. They are going to ask you an abundance of questions, including which dress you have on. Let them know you are wearing a designer gown tonight… and from now on.

Plus, the pictures from the event will last a lifetime without costing you one 😉

3. Save Time and Money

For those who have more going on than just weddings, Designer-24’s convenient try-on service brings the showroom experience to the comfort of your own home without additional charges.

Enjoy a stress-free shopping experience by filtering items in various categories while avoiding countless hours spent in the mall. From Valentino to Zuhair Murad, turn your closet into a rotating designer hub for a fraction of the retail price.

If you want to squeeze in some shopping while you are out, you can book showroom appointments within a few clicks.

Now that you are informed of what it takes to survive Lebanese Wedding season, get equipped.

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