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How to Get the Perfect Metallic Lips

February 28, 2017
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 Anything metallic, especially with makeup, is so in right now, and we absolutely have no qualms about this.

Have you ever finished your makeup but stuck on what lip color to wear?  We always seem to have this problem but recently, we learnt this easy trick to help create amazing lips that would take your makeup to the next level. Here is a simple guide on how to get the perfect metallic lips with any lipstick (matte lipsticks are strongly recommended for the desired effect), so you can really look “bomb” on your night out.

First, you want to exfoliate your lips; get rid of all the dead skin.



We like to use a mixture that’s fast and easy to make. Get a table spoon of brown sugar, mix in a table spoon of honey and olive oil. Then rub over your lips. Rinse off and pat with a dry cloth.

Once your lips have been exfoliated, you want to prime them. Get them nice and ready for the product. We usually just use lip balm.

Next, you want to line your lips with a lip pencil (try MAC/ Huda Beauty/ Kylie Cosmetics).




After your lips have been lined, apply your lipstick, preferably matte lipsticks.

Now for the fun part, get your favourite highlighter palette and a lip brush. You want to put the highlighter on your lips using the lip brush. Gold tones are best.

Your makeup is now complete, wear your little black dress, heels, go out and Slayyy!

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