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How To Get The Wardrobe of Your Dreams

March 4, 2018
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It’s a Monday morning. You rise with the sun, enthused to start your week off on the right foot. Coffee in hand, you stroll over to your wardrobe. You swing open the closet doors on the hunt for that killer outfit that will make heads turn. The wardrobe reveals itself, your face falls, and anxiety sets in.

But I have nothing to wear…

Sound familiar? With the average woman only wearing 20% of what hangs in her closet, chances are, you’ve likely found yourself in this dreaded scenario.

Thankfully, though, there is a solution, and really, it’s not a complicated one. Today we have tips that will ensure you never utter the infamous “I have nothing to wear” line ever again.

Follow these four simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to the closet of your dreams:


Step 1: Get Intentional

First things first, you need to say goodbye to the shopaholic mentaily: drown out the voice that tells you this is a sale you can’t miss, stay clear of any spontaneous shopping sprees, and never rely on retail therapy to get you through a rough day.

Get intentional about what you actually need in your closet. Don’t become a slave to trends. Instead, make lists of wardrobe staples that are missing in your closet: a knockout pair of jeans, a great leather jacket, a crisp white blouse, the perfect little black dress, etc.  

The pieces you’ll wear time and time again, invest in those. The rest just takes up space in your closet, and money in your bank account.  


Step 2: Clear It Out & Monetize It

Saying goodbye can be tough, but aren’t you ready to see a wardrobe full of clothing that’s inspiring? Then it’s time to monetize your closet!

At Designer 24, we’ve created a service that allows you to rent out those clothing items that just aren’t serving you anymore. If you haven’t worn a piece in multiple months, this is your perfect opportunity to give that item to someone who will find use for it. Best part? You make some extra money off the process!

If interested, click here to learn more about the Designer 24 supplier service.



Step 3: Make Room

You can purge your closet as much as you want, but if you still have dresses hanging on the backs of chairs, or blouses crumpled in a corner, your cleaning efforts are wasted.
So, first things first, get organized. Ensure that all your pieces have a designated spot within your closet so you’re never unsure of where something is. If it helps, write down all the different items you have, and then think about where the most logical spot in your closet is for the different categories of clothing. Also, don’t forget to invest in any storage containers or garment bags you might need. This will help both with keeping things organized, and ensuring your designer items stay looking fresh.

And secondly, don’t forget about the importance of making your closet an inviting space that you’re excited to use. Add in those little extra details: color coordinate, buy matching hangers, display your designer purses.

Do both those things, and your closet might just become one of your favorite rooms in your home.


Step 4: Rent It

You’ve now cleaned your closet to the point where you’re only seeing the items that truly light you up. Congrats! So now, let’s fill in the blanks, and get you the trendy items you crave.


It’s time to rent! And here’s how we can help you out at Designer 24.

We are an online dress service that allows you to rent on-trend designer dresses. In fact, we have thousands of designer dresses available, and we’re constantly on the hunt for the latest fashions. It is our goal to provide you with cutting-edge, designer pieces, so your wardrobe is constantly fresh and up-to-date. And with 10% off retail pricing, gone are the days of spending a pretty penny on a closet bursting with clothing that you only wear once or twice.  

Rent it. Try it. Wear it. Return it.

And repeat.

Your style stays up to date. Your closet remains neat and tidy. And your mind feels relaxed and at ease.

No more “I have nothing to wear.”

Check out Designer 24 now for a full look at the thousands of on-trend designer dresses we have just waiting for you.

Trust us, your style game is about to change forever.

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