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5 Arguments that WILL Convince you that Renting Beats Buying in 2018

October 24, 2018
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You all know the story, I personally go through it every time. A big night is coming up, I attack the closet, excited, and start going through all my outfits, paring this with that and so on. Then half an hour later despair sets in. Sitting amidst a pile of clothes realisation sets in. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WEAR. Maybe I can put on that beautiful dress that everyone has seen and hope no one remembers… (yeah right) 😞😫

There is, however, another solution. Here at Designer-24, you have access to an endless, limitless wardrobe, any item is a few clicks away from being delivered to your home. All you have to do afterwards is dazzle everyone with your fresh and elegant look. The best part? You don’t don’t have to worry about anything. Our dedicated team will deliver it to your house fresh and clean, then pick it up and take care of dry cleaning and pressing.

If the idea of renting your dresses doesn’t appeal to you, and the above argument didn’t convince you, here are 5 winning arguments for renting your dress.


1.  More Dresses

First of all, suppose you want to buy these 3 dresses.


These 3 dresses cost 11,500 AED (3,100 USD) together, add to it dry cleaning and the overall cost will turn out more. (and how many times do you even want to appear wearing them, 2,3,10?)

Now how about if you don’t buy them and decide to use the money to rent from us…

The same 3 dresses will rent for a total of 1,555 AED ($415) leaving you 9,945 AED ($2,685). Which gives you the chance to rent up to 50 different outfits!!!

Just imagine 1 designer dress every week for a whole year. 🤩

But what if you already bought the dresses? Then let me introduce you to our supplier portal. Through it, you can rent out your designer pieces languishing in your closet, and from the money you make you can rent more dresses!!! Or spend it on whatever you want.

2. Keeping up with Trends

We all know how hard it is to keep up with trends, the latest in might be out by next week, and that fad that should last for a day ends up staying for a month. Ugh… renting, therefore, allows you to keep up to the latest trends, and look on point EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Just imagine being able to shift with the ever-changing fast world of fashion, high cut, low cut, lace, silk… Women in the fashion capitals of the world won’t have anything on you.


3. Discover New Styles & Designers

Remember that dress that looks so risqué? You know you can pull it off, but you’re still afraid that once you wear it you’ll look awful.  How about that new designer on the scene, so different and yet so elegant? How do you justify that exorbitant price tag when your tried and tested favourites still produce their signature looks?

Easy, when you rent you’re paying a fraction of the cost, so there’s no need to justify. Discover new styles, cuts, and designers never having to worry that a piece is going to stare at you from the closet indefinitely.


4. No More Buyers Remorse

How many times have you bought an item, only to discover that it doesn’t go with any of your clothes, your skin colour, your newly dyed hair?  How many times have you maxed out your cards in a shopping spree, and then saw that one piece that’s more beautiful than anything in your shopping bags?

When you rent you can wear the most luxurious and elegant dresses without having to spend an entire month not doing anything to amass its cost. You like 10 different dresses and somehow want them all? Easy, rent, rent, rent. You never have to go through buyers remorse again.


5. Sustainability

Did you know that 100 billion clothing items are produced worldwide each year and that half of them end up in the garbage within the same year? Fashion is, unfortunately, one of the most polluting and unsustainable industries in the world, and if it continues this way by 2050 the industry will account for 25% of the world’s carbon budget.

One solution to this problem is for everyone to buy as few pieces as possible and wear them until properly worn down. (Imagine an entire year’s Instagram feed with maybe 10 different outfits in it.) A better solution would be a shift to the rental economy. This will drop down overall consumption of clothes. People would own higher quality everyday clothing, and items that would normally be hanging unused will go through a proper cycle of use until retirement.


Our wardrobe has a selection of over 2,000 hand-picked designer dresses, if for some reason you are not convinced, check us out, choose a beautiful dress and try our service. I promise you your fashion horizon will never be the same again.


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